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1. What is Global Wealth Hub?
ANS: Globalwealthhub is a platform that help people globally reach heir goal in life  through mutual giving. Members donate to support each other, to meet their needs.
2. What is the mission and vision of Globalwealthhub?

Mission: Our Mission is assist you create a second income stream, through mutual assistance among one and another in other to eradicate poverty and help World create massive income.

Vision: Our Vision is is to ensure than we eradicate poverty and also make sure we have  made many Nigerian millionaires and to create more jobs opportunities.

3. What are the requirements to join and benefit from Globalwealthhub?

You will need:

  1. A valid email address.
  2. Active phone number.
  3. Fast means of payment: ATM transfer, online banking or mobile banking transfer.
  4. Internet Access.
4. Can I have multiple accounts?
Yes. You can operate multiple accounts, but you need to use a different username and email address for each account. Other details such as names, account numbers, and phone numbers can be used for multiple accounts.
5. How long does it take to get my 100% profit?
It takes Maximum of ten (10) days to get your 100% payment. This will also depend on the  inflow of members, Also note that you can receive payments within 24 hours to 72 hours depending on how fast you make payment. the faster you make payment the faster you get merged to receive your own payments
6. Do I need to Bring/Refer People to Earn?
No. You don’t need to refer anybody to qualify for your earnings. but try your best to share your testimonies to help build our community
7. What if The person assigned to pay me did not pay. What should i do?
The system will block the user and assign another member to pay you, after his/her payment time is up. The maximum time given to a down line for making payment is 24 Hours.
8. How many times can I join?
You can join and benefit as many times as you want. If you complete a cycle and have received payment from all your down lines, the system automatically merge, and restart the cycle, but you can create more account as many times as you want.
9. How many packages do we have?
we have 5 packages which are:

Standard Package: PAY $50 TO GET $100

Business  Package: PAY $100 TO GET $200

Premium Package: PAY $250 TO GET $500 

Corporate Package: PAY $500 TO GET $1,000 

Professional Package: PAY $1,000 TO GET $2,000